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Pre-stamp and Stampless Section:

Important dates in the development of our Postal System:

First and Last Day of the Uniform 4d Post;

several Handstruck '4's;

Last Day of the Free Franking Priviledge;

First Day of the Uniform1d Post;

Bristol May 6th 1840

and Manchester Sunday May 17th 1840.


1890 Penny Post Jubilee Section:

further rarities and a unique Archive of Mr Archibald Hunter,

the Chief Superintendent of London's Parcel Service.


Surface Printed Section: stamps; varieties; covers and varieties on cover.


Scottish and Irish Section: EKD for an Irish Maltese cross on cover.


1d Blacks Section: on cover examples and varieties.


Line Engraved Section: covers with LATE USAGES of

the 1d Black, 1d Red and the Maltese Cross and

a large selection of NUMBERS in CROSSES on cover.


 FIRST DAY entire Uniform 4d Post: Pre-stamp Section


STONEHAVEN 4: LAST DAY of Uniform 4d Post: Pre-stamp Section


LAST DAY of the Free Franking Priviledge: Pre-stamp Section


FIRST DAY of Uniform 1d Post: Pre-stamp Section


 Bristol, SUNDAY MAY 31st 1840, Plate 3: 1d Black Section


UNIQUE franking, latest known usage of a 1d black on cover: 1d Black Section.


Superb Plate 1a pair: 1d Black Section.


Plate 2: Superb Watery Cross: 1d Black Section.



Plate 8, BROWN CROSS and RPS Cert: 1d Black Section.


Plate 1b INVERTED WATERMARK: Watermark Varieties Section.


2d Blue Plate 1 pair with full margins: 1840 2d Blue Section.


2d Blue Plate 1 Multiple on MAY 22nd 1840 Entire:  1840 2d Blue Section.


1d imperf: latest known usage on cover - Line Engraved Section.


Black Plate 9: Red and Black Crosses with Cert - Line Engraved Section


Very Rare 3d rate on on cover - Line Engraved Section


Extremely Rare 5d rate with MX's on Wrapper - Line Engraved Section


FIRST DAY usage of Number 8 in Cross - Line engaved Section


1d red Plate 158 RED cancels with BPA Cert - Line Engraved Section


2d Blue Plate 4: Line Engraved Section



T.0.5 on letter written on board Cunarder 'RUSSIA': Line engraved Section   


 Very early usage of Boston Trial - Early Machines Section


Azemaar Trial: Early Machines Section


SG51: OP-PC ERROR - Line engraved Section.


1d SG16b: ARCHER PERFORATION with RPS Cert - Scottish and Line-Engraved Sections.


1/- SG55 on entire to Harpers Building New York: Embossed Section


1/- SG55 and 4d SG63 with Scots local cancellation - Embossed and Scottish Sections


3d shaded spandrels with Warrant Number - Surface Printed Section



4d SG66 Inverted Watermark: Watermark Varieties Section       


1/- SG71: Price 1/- per Label - Surface Printed Section.


4d SG79/80: IMPRIMATUR Plate 3 - Surface Printed Section.


4d SG152: variety LARGE 5 in plate number - Surface Printed Section.


5/- rose plate 4 SG 130 the unique DRY PRINT: Surface Printed and High Values Section



SG 113: 10d Pale red brown, ‘TE-TF’: Surface Printed Section.



SG 137: £5 Orange excellent colour and perfs: Surface Printed Section

 SG115: Double Plate Number 'KB': Irish and Surface Printed Sections. 



1d SG166: Surface Printed Section


SG167 and SG160, BLUE ROMSEY duplex: Surface Printed Section


SG183: Surface Printed Section


1d SG174 IMPERFORATE mint Control with RPS Cert: Surface Printed and 1d Lilac Section


4d SG 205: very fine unmounted/mounted mint - Jubilee Section


1/- SG 214: Block of 20 - Jubilee Section.

Sheet of Twelve PROOF Impressions - 1890 Penny Post Jubilee Section.


1d pink envelope: Number 4 in Cross - Stationery Section.


Wrapper for circulars and magazines rare printed advert - Pictorial Envelope Section.


The FIRST Large Format Postcard used on DAYof ISSUE - Stationery Section

3d Empire Card used to Australia - Stationery Section


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   Early Machine Cancellations and Trials

Pre - stamp and Stampless

  Postal History of Scotland, Ireland and Wales

 The 1d and 2d Mulready  

Hand Drawn & Pictorial Envelopes 

  1d Blacks  1840 2d Blues

1d Reds, 2d Blues and other Line Engraved


Surface Printed, High Values, Lilac and Greens and 1d Lilac  

Jubilee Issue

  1890 Penny Post Jubilee 

Stationery, Registered Envelopes and Printed Adverts.

Watermark Varieties  


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